Yaya Lala is a London based web-store and label of children’s shoes handmade by a small group of skilled artisans in Portugal. The name relates to Brazilian colonial times when Yaya (“Iaia”) was used to refer to a Lady or a Miss. Lala is how a little girl named Clara now calls herself.

Translating “Yaya Lala” (or “Miss. Lala”) uncovers the brand’s essence: a refreshing balance between old and new permeated by loving inspirations. The original designs are created by Adriana, former architect and designer from Brazil who lives in London with her husband and 8 year old daughter, Clara.

The shoes are for boys and girls ranging from 3 to 10 years. Beautifully crafted products, wonderful leather, refined use of colour and a sensation of returning to a period when time seemed to be more generous, a vital requisite for exquisite craftsmanship like this.

Yaya Lala shoes can be found at www.yayalala.com.